Facility Management Services

Cleaning, Security, Technical Building Maintenance and Office Support Services can be provided as single services or can be combined into multiple services. Furthermore, services that are not within our scope can be provided from external service providers on behalf of our customers.

Integrated Facility Management

Offering single or multiple services to the customer is a solution oriented service approach designed according to the organization and demands of the customer, made cost effective by carrying out efficiency analysis, and organized to support other service areas with respect to sustainable and continuous development principles.

As SOLUTO, our Integrated Facility Management approach is to combine similar tasks by creating an effective synergy between services, to avoid duplication, to deliver cost advantage by effectively using idle time like waiting periods and determining Service Level Agreements (SLA) specially tailored for the customer needs and to fully integrate into the customer's own organization.

Residence Management

A service alternative established to create different service experiences within scenarios is specially crafted for our customer's residential areas. The service structure is designed for creating an environment of absolute security and peace by selection and training of service personnel as well as other essential ingredients.