Human Resources Policy

Knowing that the service industry means “people-serving-people”, we compose all our activities according to the needs of people.

Employees at all levels are our most important assets that we have for the success of our company.

At SOLUTO, recruitment, orientation, on-the-job training, performance management, appointment, promotion, retention system and exit interviews as well as compensation and bonus system are carried out according to company standard procedures. There is a training system at SOLUTO that aims to raise operational standards and the commitment of employees to their work by measuring employee satisfaction with regular surveys.

While supporting its employees with its own educational opportunities and programs designed to increase employees' personal and operational skills, SOLUTO also uses external educational resources for specific needs and objectives.

At SOLUTO, our blue collar workers and each and every employee can rise through the company without discrimination or favoritism and with the help of educational and development support programs. All recruitment and promotion systems are based on the principle of equal opportunity and all candidates are evaluated on the same terms and transparency.