Goals and Principles

We always search for what is correct and do the right thing.

In order to be the most reliable company in our industry, we always strive for more consistent and higher standards and we follow the determined standards at all times and in all places. We always report to our customers accurately.

We are competitive; but we comply with non-compete laws and regulations.

In all the areas of trade that require competition, we are located within the borders of truth and honesty. We do not offer nor accept any other suggestions.

Every principle of morals is indispensable to us.

Our employees and stakeholders feel safe about sensitive issues and knowing that they will not face reprisals, all matters are taken seriously and they will be truly resolved.

We fully comply with confidentiality.

e protect all the information that we have received from and about our stakeholders. All non-public information is confidential for us and we carefully protect it for the respect of private life.

Respect is at the center of all our activities.

We are committed to the principles and the relationships we have and we respect each other and all our stakeholders. We value diversity and the ideas of our employees. We respect the world in which we function. We carefully comply with the laws and rules regulated for this purpose. We consider the consequences of all decisions that will affect our stakeholders.

Environment is our responsibility.

Being aware that the protection of the lives and health of stakeholders is a natural duty, we are careful and sensitive about harmful substances. Thus, we use all means of resources responsibly.

The first duty of our company is to ensure that our customers and workers are never in danger because of the service we provide. We minimize the adverse effects on the environment and use all resources efficiently by prioritizing sustainability and environmental compatibility in our activities.